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Welcome to your newest source for the Australian actor Wade Briggs. He is best known for his recent work as Benvolio Montague in the Shonda Rhimes production Still Star-Crossed and his role as Geoffrey in Please Like Me.
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Reaching Distance | Stills & Promotional Image

I updated the gallery with a few HQ images from Wade's upcoming movie Reaching Distance. I'm really excited for this one. Gallery Links 2017 - Reaching...

Please Like Me | 1.05 Spanish Eggs – Screencaptures

I'm almost done with capping S1 of Please Like Me. Here are some more HD screencaptures. Enjoy! Gallery Links 2013 - Please Like Me > Season...

Please Like Me | 1.04 All You Can Eat – Screencaptures

Just a quick update with HD screencaptures from Please Like Me. I was also asked if I plan on adding clips of Wade's scenes...

Please Like Me | 1.03 Portuguese Custard Tarts – Screencaptures

Continuing with Please Like Me. I updated the gallery with HD screencaptures from the 3rd episode. I hope you enjoy! Gallery Links 2013 - Please Like...

Please Like Me | 1.02 French Toast – Screencaptures

I updated the gallery with some more HD screencaptures from Please Like Me. I hope you enjoy! Gallery Links 2013 - Please Like Me > Season...

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