Your Call Is Important to Us

Wade Briggs as Dominic

Genre: Short, Comedy
Running Time: – min.
Release Date: 2017 (Australia)
Director: T.J. Power
Producer(s): Riley Nottingham
Screenplay: T.J. Power
Cast: Richard Davies, Sarah Roberts, Elise Jansen, Wade Briggs, Fiona Pepper, Andy Lee, Leith McPherson, …

A short comedy, set in a call center of an online banking service. Ever wondered what really goes on in those exceedingly frustrating phone calls when you’re asked: “Please hold”?

YOUR CALL IS IMPORTANT TO US is a film that exposes the truth behind the bubbly voices & over-rehearsed buzz-phrases of those life-sucking call centers. We take you behind the scenes with rare & shocking footage, filmed on that fateful day when Simon Shek made the most important call of his life…